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Hertford RFC to change codes to American Football by Sept 2025

Hertford RFC to change codes to American Football by Sept 2025

John Irvine1 Apr - 07:00
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Board opens consultation with Club Members on 1st April.

I'm sure the view from the bleachers will be great. Mine's a Guinness
- Ged Murphy, Director of Rugby

A Message from the Board of Hertford RFC

After over 90 years of rugby at Hertford, the Board of Hertford RFC is today issuing a consultation to members with view to changing codes from rugby union to american football.

Modern rugby, even with the new laws to lower tackle height, is by definition a contact sport. Players go into contact with no helmets or equipment to provide protection as seen in American Football.

Our ever younger senior players, most of whom have come up through the Hertford Youth system, have asked for more protection to avoid traditional rugby injuries. They are primarily concerned with cosmetic injuries such as cauliflower ears and facial bumps and scratches which might impact their number of followers on Instagram and TikTok. They also think American Football kit looks better on TikTok too.

The board proposes:
- Adoption of American Footlball rules and entry into the British American Football League
- New kit for all senior teams, illustration attached. This will include the issue of helmets, back plates, pocket girdles, forearm pads, elbow pads, rib protector bibs and face moisturiser for younger players for use post match and before making TikTok videos.

- Expansion and renaming of the Jamie George Stand to the Jamie George Bleachers - artist impression attached

-Adoption of beer and toilet breaks during matches. Although this might extend the duration of matches the board thinks most matches will last less than 5 hours with 80 minutes of play

- Formation of a mixed-sex cheerleader squad to provide entertainment during breaks in play. It is hoped Ware Brass Band will provide the musical accompaniment.

-Adoption of american beers in the bar - Budweiser and Coors Light will replace Tribute and Cornish Bitter although Guinness will remain.

-Kev's Kitchen will be renamed Kev's Diner and will serve buffalo wings alongside hotdogs on Sunday mornings. Supporters lunches will now enjoy american burgers, ribs and New York flat iron steak with fries - please note, chips will not be available from Kevin but will be available over the bar in various flavours including salt and vinegar and cheese and onion.

Commencing today, the board would welcome feedback. Please provide your comments and suggestions in the comments section below by reply.

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