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A (brief) review from the Balcony

A (brief) review from the Balcony

Ged Murphy12 Apr - 18:46
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We've had worse days.

Well that was a case of leaving the best to last. Last game of the season and against the league champions and we lost with the last kick of the game. I would say that was our best team performance of the season.

Having taken the lead in the 1st few mins and regained it with the last play of the 1st half, it was still asking a lot, especially when the boys were defending against a much bigger and more experienced pack as well as the anger of storm Kathleen.

In the end it came down to two very good touch line conversions in stormy conditions, that would be difficult to repeat.

They say the best teams find a way to win and Colchester are Champions for a reason. But the positive to take from that is that we see we are close to beating the best, even with a few of our regulars not on the pitch.

Looking forward, as posted earlier in the week, we have started to stabilise the coaching structure. And the vast majority of the squad will be with us next year. We are easily the youngest squad in the league so hopefully have a squad that will be with us for many year as they physically and in confidence.

We also realise that the 2nd XV have suffered greatly from a lack of competitive fixtures and are working hard to try and resolve this going forward.

Off the field, the support has been awesome, pre-match lunch numbers up, bar takings up! (I do my best) and an all-round positive vibe.

But rugby isn’t over yet! As posted earlier, there are two cup games tomorrow,

The 3rd XV travel to our old friends Welwyn to take on their 2’s at 3.00pm and the mighty Termites will grace the main pitch at hoe Lane and try to overcome Royston 2’s. They would love a bit of support to showcase their art.

Go well lads!

See you there, mine’s a Guinness.

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