Pitchero - Help for Admins & Coaches

For Team and Age Group Admins, a few tips on how to keep your team pages up to date.

NEW: See below for how to add players and their parents to your Team / Age Group.

1. You need special permission to be able to administer a team page. You can request this by clicking here. It will take up to 48 hours for your request to be approved as this is a manual process within the club.

2. Once you have the necessary permissions you need to access the Club Control Panel. You can do this by clicking on the Admin link on the top right hand of the website (this will appear once you have the necessary permissions). Or click here.

Click in the following links for information on how to:

  • Add an Event
  • Add Club News
  • Manage a Team Page. This includes how to add a team to a League (where your team participates in a League), manage players and their availability and post team news, pictures and videos.
  • For club and section admins,
  • For team, age-group, section admins and club officials, how to send emails to the club, teams, parents, players, coaches or any mixture thereof.
  • For Team Admins: How to Add a Player and the Player's Parents to your Age Group. This is so that Parents can advise on Player Availability and be kept up to date on Age Group matters:
    1. Click ‘Admin’ on the top bar of the website to enter the Club Control Panel
    2. Select Membership/Membership Database
    3. To Add a Player, Click Add a Member. Enter as any details as you can but particularly Date of Birth but worse case just First Name and Last Name.
    4. Tick 'Player'. From the drop down menu select which team/age group they play for
    5. Remember to Click ‘Save’.
    6. To add a Parent, still in the membership data base type the name of the player’s parent. This will provide a list of members matching that name.
    7. For that Parent Select ‘Edit’ member from the drop down menu marked with a tool.
    8. Select ‘Roles’
    9. Tick ‘Parent’. You will be prompted for the name of the member’s child. Type the name of the child and, provided it has been entered in the data base, the name will appear. Select it. Click Save.
    10. If the parent is not found in the database the ‘Add a Member’ as in Step 3 but in ‘Roles’ select ‘Parent’ and add their child as above.
    11. Repeat this for each Parent.
For much more help click on the Support link at the very bottom of every page on the website.