New Land - Put a Name to Your Club's Future

New Land - Put a Name to Your Club's Future


Shares now £100 per share.

Several years ago, after many years of trying, the Club purchased adjoining land to secure the future of rugby at Hoe Lane. (Much of the current land in use is not owned by the club). To see the site map of the rugby club, including it's ownership please see HERE

This new land has been used to widen the drive, provide additional car parking spaces and additional playing space for the Minis Section. This had provided immense benefit to the club already as those of you who remember the Sunday morning traffic chaos of previous years.

This land was purchased through members buying shares in the new land and through a bank loan.

You are invited to purchase shares in the Club's new land. The cost per share is £100. Share may be purchased individually or in multiples. To apply to purchase shares the form can be found HERE

Gifts: Shares can be issued in your name or gifted to family members and friends.

Share certificates will be issued to all shareholders.

For further information contact:

07831 884 788

The share prospectus can be found HERE

Take the opportunity while they are still available.