Hale Club Ltd Health & Safety Guide

Hale Club Ltd Health & Safety Guide

This guide has been produced to help ensure that all players, members and visitors to Hertford RFC are aware of some basic guideline policies that will help ensure that the Club remains an environmentally safe place for all those who use the facility at Hoe Lane.

Entrance. As most are aware, we have a single lane entrance/exit that is used by vehicles and pedestrians alike. Match days and Sunday mornings can be particularly busy. The 5 m.p.h. speed limit must be observed at all times. Particular care should be taken at the top of the main entrance to the front car park and to the roadway that runs along the back of the clubhouse where there are several doors that open onto the roadway.

Parking. Please park considerately. Avoid blocking field gates, these are for emergency services. Obstructing the chained area in front of the bungalow parking must be avoided, as there are tenants in residence.

There are 3 disabled parking bays. Only those displaying official permits may use these bays, regardless of time of day.

Clubhouse. Studded boots must not be worn at anytime in the Clubhouse. Not only is this request applied for reasons of cleanliness but the floors are not suitable for studded footwear and accidents can occur.

Smoking is forbidden anywhere within the main building, changing rooms and any other building or storage unit within the perimeter of the Club.

Cigarette ends should be discarded in the wall mounted ash cans mounted on the front wall of the Clubhouse. Please avoid dropping them on the paving or edge of the pitch.

Glasses. Only plastic glasses are to be used when outside the Clubhouse. Please return them to the bar when finished. Any drink cans, bottles or other receptacles should be placed in the litterbins provided.

Spectators. Spectators are urged to be vigilant when watching from the touchlines at all times. You will see players in a ruck or tackle before they see you. It is vital that an adult accompanies junior supporters at all times and they must never be allowed onto the pitch during the duration of a game.

All spectators, regardless of age, should keep at least 1 metre from the touchline. At no time should anyone other than game officials be on the touchline around the 1st team pitch. All spectators must be behind the barrier on the Clubhouse side or behind the advertising boards running along the other three sides.

Dogs. Dog walking or exercising is not permitted within the boundaries of the Club. Not only is dog fouling extremely unpleasant for players and ground staff, it can cause serious health problems, particularly to our junior members. Such is the seriousness of the problem it has been decided to operate a zero tolerance policy. This applies to all Club members, visitors, neighbouring residents and all members of the public. Please Note Guide dogs for the blind are exempt.

Rubbish. We have a large membership at the Hale Club and subsequently a high volume of waste and rubbish is generated. Please assist us in maintaining the environment by keeping the grounds tidy. There are waste bins in numerous locations around the ground. Do use them, and parents please encourage children to do the same.

Security. We are ever vigilant on matters relating to security. Do not leave valuables unattended in changing rooms, the bars or anywhere else. Lock vehicles at all times and make sure any contents are out of sight.

Barrier Gate. In the interests of general club and ground security, the barrier gate at the main entrance will be closed when the clubhouse shuts or if it is not open then normally by 11.00pm. It will be open by 7.00a.m. Please note, cars will not be able to be collected between those times. For added security, a CCTV system is installed that monitors the front and rear car parks plus the rear roadway and pitch side of the clubhouse.

Safety Checks. Safety checks are carried out on a regular basis on gas and electricity appliances within the Club. It is essential that no electrical appliances be installed inside or outside the Clubhouse without the authority and supervision of the Operations Director. Any damaged electrical or gas equipment should be reported to the Operations Director immediately. Regular testing of our water equipment for Legionella bacteria is also undertaken.

Accidents. All accidents occurring on the premises must be reported to the Operations Director and recorded in the Accident Book so that remedial action may be taken to prevent a recurrence.

Fire Emergency. There are heat detectors and sounders in the building. Should they be activated follow these instructions.

Main Bars. Vacate via the lounge bar fire exit, the main double entrance doors or the back passage. Muster in front car park.

Dining Hall. Vacate via Fire Doors at rear of hall or main club double entry doors. Muster in front car park.

Spectator Balcony, First floor corridor and Committee Room. Exit via external staircase to front car park or down internal stairs - exit via double doors or fire door at end of corridor to the rear road. Muster in front car park.