GDPR - Help for Team Coaches and Admins

Further to the issue of the Club's new Privacy Policy in May 2018 for compliance with GDPR, Team and Age Group Coaches and Admins should note the following additional information.

Use of other third party applications by individual teams or age groups such as Facebook Groups, WhatsApp and Teamsnap, are not sanctioned by the Club and the Club has no control over nor responsibility for any personal data provided by club members to such apps. Use of such apps and their compliance with GDPR is the responsibility of those using the apps.

May Coaches and Admins will have spreadsheets or the personal details of club team members for their particular team or age group stored in their contacts list. This is permitted by GDPR provided:

  • The data is held on password or biometric (such as fingerprint) protected devices
  • Wh
ere held on a PC or laptop, is held in encrypted form.

This will ensure that if the device is lost or stolen, the data is not accessible nor compromised.

How to encrypt a file in Windows 7, 8 or 10:

How to encrypt a file on a Mac: