The Club’s Projects Fund was established in August 2010 and pays for improvements to the Club house and grounds that fall outside the Hale Club’s general maintenance programme and which are for the benefit of all Club members.

Income is generated from the Club’s socials and fundraising events and donations. When this Fund was set up the Mini & Youth sections both made significant donations of £15,000 & £7,500 respectively, whilst the senior section agreed to forego the income from the socials and fundraising events. The Minis section made a further donation £2,000 two years ago, which went towards the new floodlight units on the main pitch.

As at 31st April 2016 just over £92,250 has been paid into the fund, since being established, including (approx. figures):

£24,500 Donations from Mini & Youth Sections.

£5,000 Glaxo “Making a Difference” awards 2011, 2012, 2013

£32,000 RFU Grand Draw ticket sales 2011 to 2016

£30,750 Club social events since 2010

Main projects undertaken and paid for by the Fund to date include (again approx figures):

    • Aug 10 - £7,300 - New hot water system for showers
    • Aug 10 - £2,800 - Men’s toilets refurbished
    • Aug 11 - £3,250 - 150 chairs and 23 tables for dining room.
    • Aug 11 - £3,900 - Bars, dining room & corridors redecorated.
    • Aug 11 - £2,000 - New Projector (paid for by the Glaxo “Making A Difference” Award 2011).
    • Aug11 - £3,500 - New sound (including Sonos) & TV system
    • Apr 12 - £1,350 - Outside window frames and panelling redecorated.
    • Aug 12 - £1,750 - First Aid Room redecorated and refurbished (paid for by the Glaxo “Making a Difference” award 2012).
    • Aug 12 - £8,500 - Changing Rooms redecorated, new flooring, new extractor fans, general repairs & toilets & shower areas steam cleaned.
    • Aug 12 - £1,100 - New pitch watering system.
    • Aug 12 - £1,000 - Replacement TV for small bar plus cabling for PC connections for this TV and projector.
    • Sept 12 - £700 - New TV and mounting bracket for small bar.
    • Oct 12 - £2,500 - Ladies washrooms refurbished.
    • Feb 13 - £750 - First Aid kits for the Mini & Youth sections (paid for by the Glaxo “Making a Difference” award 2013).
    • Nov 13 - £7,150 - Replacement floodlight units for the main pitch.
    • Aug 14 - £10,000 - Major repair work to Club house roof.

As at 31st April 2016 the fund was holding a balance of £31,576.00.

Since then a further £3,000 has been raised for the Fund from the Plant Sale and the Summer Party.

Andy ‘Bunter’ Green.


200/400 Clubs

Secretary: Alan Scofield

These Clubs have been running for many years and are open to all Club Members. There are currently a number of vacancies in both of these Clubs.

200 Club (No. of Members: 200)
Cost: £52 per annum.
Payable: By standing order in 4 quarterly instalments of £13:00.
Due Dates: 15th July, 15th October, 15th January & 15th April.
Prizes: 2 x £1,000, 2 x £500, 2 x £250, 7 x £100

400 Club (No. of Members: 400)
Cost: £13 per annum.
Payable: By standing order in 4 quarterly instalments of £3:25.
Due Dates: 15th July, 15th October, 15th January & 15th April.
Prizes: 1 x £500, 3 x £250, 5 x £100

If you are interested in joining one or both of these Clubs (there is no limit on the number of memberships an individual can have in each Club!), then please complete a standing order mandate which can be found on the Club’s website or in the Clubhouse and then either hand or send it to Alan Scofield (address shown at bottom of the form) or leave behind the bar for Alan’s attention.

Please note that it is important for administration reasons that Alan, on behalf of the Club, sends the mandate forms to the bank rather than the Member sending same direct.

The draw dates for 2016/17 are as follows:

200 Club
8th October (Chichester)
1 x £1,000, 1 x £500, 2 x £100

10th December (Tonbridge Juddians)
1 x £500, 1 x £250, 3 x £100

11th February (Guernsey)
1 x £1,000, 1 x £250, 2 x £100

400 Club
19th November (Sutton & Epsom)
1 x £500, 1 x £250, 1 x £100

21st January (Colchester)
1 x £250, 2 x £100

25th March (Westcombe Park)
1 x £250, 2 x £100

RFU Grand Draw

The RFU Grand Draw has been the main fundraiser for the Club’s Projects Fund for the
last 5 years.

It is an incredibly easy way to raise income, with the Club retaining 90% of all ticket sales
as a tax free donation. Between 2011 and 2015 a total amount of £25,768 was raised
for the Fund. The details for 2016 are as follows:

Club Members sold 7,032 tickets Profit of £6,149.25*

*90% of ticket sales less deduction of administration and postage costs.

This means to date £31,917 has been raised through this Draw for the Projects Fund.

The 7,032 tickets sold for the 2016 Draw, was the highest number sold by Club Members since we started supporting this draw. The Club came third in the “Clubs raising the most money” section. The top two Club’s in 2016 were Selby who sold 10,915 tickets followed by our local rivals, Bishops Stortford with a total of 7,255, just 223 more than us!!! The prize for coming third was a cheque for £250 from Highlights Floodlighting and this will also go into the Projects Fund. A Club member was also a winner in the main draw, the prize being an England Shirt signed by the 2015/16 Squad.

Tickets for the 2017 Draw, which cost £1 each, will be received from the RFU in October and will be distributed to Members as soon as possible thereafter. The closing date for returning completed ticket stubs and monies, expected to be early March, will be announced when the tickets are sent out. The Draw itself takes place towards the end of March.

All profit goes towards the Club’s Projects Fund.


If you enjoy on-line shopping, then please do so using the facility on the website and at the same time raise funds for your Club!

Easyfundraising provide a shopping directory listing some of your favourite online stores. There are over 2,000 participating online retailers including Sainsburys, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Ebay, Play.com, Amazon, Dell & Boots.

It is very easy to register and thereafter simply use the links provided on the easyfundraising site whenever you shop online. Please always access this site through the page on the Club’s website. Please note non-HRFC Members can also register and use this facility eg work colleagues.

For full details please view:

To date the Club has received an income of £1,293.70 from this facility with just 95 Members signed up and using it! Imagine what sort of income we could receive if say 300 members were using this facility!

Xmas Draw

Have a go at winning a prize in the Club’s Xmas Draw!

Simply write your name in a square(s) on the Big Boards that go around the Club house during December. There are a total of 1,000 squares to be bought at £1 each. The draw will take place in the Club house at 1pm on Sunday, 20th December 2015. A full list of prize winners will be posted on the website and on the Notice Boards. All prizes are to be claimed by the 31st January 2016.

Last year all 21 prizes were donated and all 1,000 squares were sold. The draw was sponsored by James Tuson at Herts Storage
and Matt Thompson at CTDA very kindly donated the Big Boards.

All profits go towards the Club’s Projects Fund.



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